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Siobhan Nefertari Renée

World renowned International Art Investment Consultant -CEO/Founder of Avoir Fine Art & Collections | Art Advisor | Specialized in Modern | Contemporary Art

International Global Studies | Psychology | Art History| Interior Design

She represents profound artists that have crossed traditionally contentious art ideologies. Innovative creativity that simply allows the collector to admire grandeur. Siobhan Nefertari Renée works exclusively with Developers, Architectural Firms, Interior Designers, & Private Collectors. Specializing in professional Art Consulting Services, Developing Distinct Art Programs  for Residential & Commercial Projects.....

Avoir Fine Art  Collections Private Client Services

- Siobhan Nefertari Renée is among the leaders in the field, stands ready to counsel any serious buyer, seller, or collector, even those entering the market for the first time.

- To the most remarkable works in a market in which demand is evident, requires insider knowledge and contacts. By expanding a collector's reach by research, observing, art market trends for the collector.


Making an informed decision as to whether or not to buy a work of art and knowing the right price to pay requires professional experience, careful analysis, and due diligence.


- Bringing to bear all the relevant factors about the artist, the market trajectory for their works, the particular work taken in the context of the artist's career, provenance, condition, literature, exhibition history, and comparative uniqueness.


-  Offering private resourcing for Exclusive Private Collectors, Providing Distinctive Art Programs, Personal Art Collecting Services, Researching & Purchasing Fine Art for the client.

  -   Providing impartial advice, for International Market Trends, and wide-ranging expertise in buying, selling, and collecting art.​


-  Withholding the Strictest Client Private Confidentiality Policy
Avoir Luxury Inc.
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